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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising


Looking to get exposure and new customers for your business? Let us do all of the work while you stay focused on the day to day operations... We'll create a solid plan and build social media advertising campaigns that drive traffic and new customers to you.  Our easy and efficient plan will help you get up and running quickly!

  • $200 one-time flat fee to set up your account on Facebook Ad Manager, allowing you to run ads on both Facebook and Instagram.  This is to ensure the account is able to run the advertising campaigns properly. 

  • ·$50 hourly fee to build, manage and provide you with all the reporting and performance of those ads.

  • $TBD monthly advertising spend based on your budget.  You will pay directly for these ads, but we will build and manage the process as well as monitor the campaigns to ensure they are performing properly.  Based on your goals, we will advise you on the recommended monthly ad spend which can be adjusted during the process if needed. 

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How It Works

  • Step One: Initial 30-minute discovery call: we discuss all the important details - your business, goals, budget, target audience, current social media account status, next steps, etc. 

  • Step Two: Develop a full strategy to outline the details of what your campaign will look like from the messaging and photos as well as how it will run and drive traffic moving forward.

  • Step Three: Build the ads based on the detail strategy making sure your ads provide results.

  • Step Four:  Monitor the ad campaign to make sure it effective and adjust if necessary.

  • Step Five: Provide reporting to show you exactly how the ads are performing and all the data analysis on the activity, impressions and audiences reached.