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What We Do


Cultivation Companies will help you accelerate revenue growth, increase brand awareness and loyalty, stand out from your competitors, and strengthen and grow your team.  Through thoughtful strategic planning, detailed tactical plans, market research and customer insights, we will help you solidify your position as a leader in your market.  Our focus is developing realistic and effective plans for entrepreneurs and small businesses to increase your strength and reach. 

For larger businesses, we are uniquely suited to assist with acquisition strategy and integration, making sure you retain the soul and spirit of the businesses you acquire. We lived through, we've led and we've left acquisitions. Having served on both sides of the table - we're able to advise before , during and after an acquisition.



Marketing Support & Analysis

  • Social Media and Influencer Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Development

  • Web site Management

  • Direct Mail / Collateral Development

  • Media Buying & Support

Sales Support & Analysis

  • Pacing Reports

  • Sales Strategy

  • Pricing Analysis

  • Sponsorship Development

  • Sales Training

Event & Tradeshow Management

  • Event Research & ROI Analysis

  • Marketing strategy development

  • Booth and collateral design

  • Logistics


  • Market Analysis

  • Event Lifecycle Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Business Strategy

  • Sales Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Business Development

  • Benchmarking

  • Technology & Systems Consulting

  • Change Management

  • Growth Strategies

  • Hiring Analysis & Support


  • Market Analysis prior to acquisition

  • Business Integration Support

  • Staffing evaluation & recommendation

  • Growth strategies for integrated businesses


  • Organizational Strategy

  • Leadership Evaluation & Training

  • System Optimization including SalesForce support

  • Digital Asset Organization & Management

  • Intellectual Capital Analysis & Management