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We believe that business owners are brave. From new start-ups to established brands to passionate and talented people striking out on their own path, our passion is helping businesses grow.

We prove that by treating your business if it were our own. We deliver advice, strategies and actionable ideas that help you grow right now. Our expertise is rooted in decades of experience and focused on smart strategy, measurable marketing and achievable actions. At Cultivation Companies we build the perfect strategic solutions for your business and its customers.


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We know that finding the right team to partner with you on your business is critical. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your needs and your budget. And even better we’ll give you some immediate feedback and thoughts you can implement right away.

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About Us



Joan Dyer

Joan Dyer started her career with a dream of being a book editor. After moving to Chicago, she quickly landed a job with a small publisher editing quirky biographies and mystery novels, while also wearing a Mad Hatter number of hats.  She fell a little out of love with the publishing business and a lot in love with solving the challenges faced by small businesses. For more than 15 years she's been using her marketing and strategic skills to help small businesses stand out from the crowd. She currently lives with husband and amazing daughter just outside of Chicago in Oak Park, Illinois in a 140 year old house that may or may not be haunted. 


Get to Know Joan

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

Oak Park, Illinois

”People don’t hire businesses, they hire people. You are your brand.”

“Marketing is the easiest thing in the world to explain. It’s simply delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. The hard part is making sure you have all those pieces in place.”

Fast Facts

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Book: Blindness by Jose Saramajo

Favorite Quote: To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Favorite Food:  Mexican

Favorite Candle Scent:  NEST Holiday - Not just at Christmas but all year long

Favorite Song You're Embarrassed to Like: Steal My Girl by One Direction 

Country You Want to Visit But Haven't Yet: Portugal 

Places You've Lived: Oak Park, IL; Chicago; Kalamazoo, MI; Flint, MI; Aberdeen, Scotland




Kim Runner

Kim Runner grew up in the hospitality and events business on the sunny coast of Georgia. By the age of 13 she was working alongside her Dad who taught her to always “set the example, don’t be the example”. Her love of new experiences brought her to Chicago where she continued to set the example, pushing for innovation and challenging the status quo around what sales means for a business. Her dedication to helping business grow by creating the right product to match their goals has allow her to work with amazing people in a tremendous number of industries, including art, e-commerce, retail and the challenging and celebrity-filled music business. Kim lives in downtown Chicago, loves to travel whenever she can and is the proud aunt to two incredible nieces.   


Get to Know Kim

Co-Founder & Head of Sales

Chicago, Illinois

”You first need to know who your customer is, in order to determine what they want.”

“Your success in sales has less to do with you and more to do with your ability to convince your customer you have a solution to their problem.”

Fast Facts

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Food:  Sushi

Favorite Candle Scent:  Grapefruit Pop by jonathan adler

Favorite Song You're Embarrassed to Like: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

Country You Want to Visit But Haven't Yet: Spain or Japan

Favorite Thing About Traveling: Sightseeing in different cities and seeing how other cultures live on a daily basis

Extreme Sport You're Too Scared to Do? Heli-skiing

Favorite Way to Eat Bacon: Bacon Snack = When you grab a piece of bacon as a mid-morning snack after you have already had bacon at breakfast.  This usually when you attend a conference, and they have bacon on the buffet.  

Favorite Cancelled TV series: The Oprah Show (is that lame?)

Favorite Marvel Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy